The impressive evolution of home technology

We live in a modern world that is slowly but surely evolving into an entirely digital era. These days, technology and rapid digitalisation are as common as the hair on our heads or the shoes on our feet. This is true in every sense, from the innovations and inventions that make life easier and more efficient, to the careers that the modern workforce is centred around from the inside out (think graphic design, security, automotives, the arts, or more tech-central career paths like information technology professionals or even the bespoke software developer, for example).


Technological influence is well and truly here to stay. Practically every aspect of life as we know it has been fundamentally transformed in the wake of technological advancement in some way or another. Education and business have expanded online. Healthcare, medicine, science, and even automotives have embraced automation and electrification. Even the arts are being digitised. But what about technology in the home? At a glance, home technology is all about giving people the chance to maximise convenience and efficiency in their most personal and private spaces. But what are the home technologies that form the basis of its impressive evolution?


Property-side smart security systems


These days, home security is more of a priority for homeowners and renters alike, than ever. Our homes are our most private spaces, and people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of enhancing their privacy and security at home. It started with home security systems, and while these are still impressive beyond expectation, they have evolved into property-wide smart security systems. The advanced security systems span the entire property right to the property lines, and control everything from visual surveillance and vocal awareness, to locking systems on all gates and buildings within the property.


Smart home devices and appliances


From the smart television in the living room, to the smart fridge in the kitchen, and everywhere in between, smart home devices and appliances have become staples in modern homes around the world. Having a television that will turn off and on at the hand of voice commands can have a distinct impression on the convenience of watching, recording, and controlling the experience in the living room. Just one example of smart home devices and appliances making an impact in the modern home, this is a testament to the impressive nature of home technology in action.


Virtual home assistants


Virtual home assistants are smart home devices, sure, but they are so much more than that. From the likes of tech giants like Google (Google Home) and Amazon (Alexa) and more, come the virtual home assistants that are changing life at home dramatically, from the onset. The virtual home assistant can do it all. From controlling televisions and music, to setting lighting and temperature, controlling locks on the property, reciting facts and even setting and announcing alarms and telling the time and the weather, virtual home assistants are taking home technology to the next level – and then some.


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